Advance Planning
The Advantages of Planning Ahead

The idea behind planning ahead is simple. One day, a great deal of vital information about you or a loved one will be
needed by your family and anyone whose responsibility it is to assist them. Those who plan ahead can be assured that,
not only will their personal wishes be fulfilled, but other unnecessary difficulties will be avoided.

Both you and your loved ones can benefit when funeral arrangements are made well ahead of need. It can be beneficial
to include your immediate family in those plans, ensuring those left behind are aware of your wishes and able to plan a
meaningful funeral that will help them begin their mourning.  By discussing plans in advance, you can take all the time
necessary to make decisions about cremation or burial, type of ceremony and other funeral elements.
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If you'd like to submit responses to these questions now for our files, please complete the following
Enter the following information for the person whom the arrangements are for.
    Full Legal Name (first, middle, last)
    Legal Address (place of residence)
    City, State, Zip Code
    Date of Birth
    Place of Birth - City, State
    Martial Status
    Name of Spouse, if applicable
    Highest Level of Education
    Occupation/former occupation
    Kind of Business/Industry
    Length of Employment
    Other places employed
    Father's First & Last Name
    Mother's First & Maiden Name
    Survivors: include children, brothers,
    sisters, and place of residence.
    Number of Grandchildren
    Organizations, clubs, and
    Veteran Information - please bring a copy of the veteran's DD-214 discharge papers.
    Branch of Service
    Veteran's Service
    citations, and/or
    other service
    Who will be responsible for making
    these arrangements at the time of
    City, State, Zip Code
    How can we contact you:
    My wish (or the person these arrangements are for) is to be
    If you chose cremation, the ashes will be
    If you chose burial or if the ashes will be
    buried, what cemetery will you use?
    Where is that cemetery located?
like to allow time for my family to receive family
and friends at the funeral home.
    I would like this time to be
    The service will be held at
    What is your church affiliation?
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